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Photoshop Glowing Cool Text Effect

How To Make  Photoshop Glowing Cool Text Effect  In Photoshop

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 Photoshop Glowing Cool Text Effect 
  • It is going to look like this 
To start with firstly open the blank page in photoshop and fill it with black same like this
 Secondly write what ever you want as i just wrote Sana's Creation and the website name.
Remember you've to write it in white color
Next make a new layer 
fill the whole text with any color by using simple round brushes.
now make that layer to color like will be like this now
Then go back to the text layers and go to blending  options
if you don't know this then look that picture
 then click on outer glow, you would chose it as you want i think I've chosen 10 something.
do the same with all the text layers 
Finally that glowing text is ready 
I hope you like it and it would be helpful for you.

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