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Life Quote Wallpapers

 Life Quote Wallpapers 

Welcome To My Website, Here You Get All Editing Effects.These Effects are used in Photoscape and Photoshop. As Always we come up with new effects and tutorials for our viewers.
Today We are Introducing  Life Quote Wallpapers For Photoshop,Photoscape and For Your Desktop. These Kinds Of Effects Take Lot of time to come in process.
Wallpaper Means:-
On a computer that is provided with a desktop kind of user interface, wallpaper is the
 background pattern or picture against which desktop menus, icons, and other elements
are displayed and moved around. A wallpaper image can be in a JPEG or a GIF file format.
Wallpaper is commonly used in Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Mac OS, Linux, and in other
operating systems or software like Photoscape and Photoshop For Changing Pictures Backgrounds.
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These Patterns Are For Photoshop
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I Know Everything Happen For A Reason But Sometimes,

One Day Everthing Will Make Perfect Sense.
So,For Now:
Smile at the confusion, laugh through the tears and keep
reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason..

If you don't live for something
You'll die for nothing

For Every Minute You Are Angry, You
Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness.. :)

May the dreams of your past
be the reality of your future

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse
when you finally feel it.

I want you to know
that there is always hope.

And sometimes it hits me out of nowhere,
all of a sudden, this overwhelming sadness
rushes over me. And i get discouraged
and I get upset and I feel hopeless, sad, and hurt.
And once again, I feel numb to the

Sometimes what's real is..
Something you can't see

Things i wasn't able to tell you

Stop being afraid of what could go
wrong and think of what could go

Let face the reality of LIFE
That LOVE  hurts
When its TOO musch..!!

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