Saturday, 28 September 2013

Licostuff Effect - Tutorial

This Licostuff Effects Is Technically Created By Author Of This Blog.  And Today I Want To Show You How To Create This Licostuff Effect Step By Step !


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Open PhotoScape, click "Editor" and stay on the ward "Home."
Open a photo to edit
Filter> Smart Blur > 2.5
Bloom > Low
Filter> Film Effect> Agfa > High
Bright, Color> Contrast Enhancement > High
Filter> Film Effect > Velvia > Middle 
Bright, color {Click the center button}. 
Put the "Bright  at -40 and click "OK".
Bright, Color> Deepen > Middle
Bright, Color> Contrast Enhancement > Middle
Filter > Film Effect > Cross Process > Low
Sharpen > 5
Bloom > Low

Result :-

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